Who are these guys?

2 Guys Named Jeff is exactly that:  Two guys named Jeff (Jeff Mattson and Jeff Kyser) playing straight ahead acoustic versions of classic rock, pop, blues, and outlaw country.  Nothing fancy, just good.


2 Guys Named Jeff bring a couple of lifetimes of musical experience and knowledge to Connecticut breweries, wineries, pubs, bars, restaurants, and anywhere that music can add to the atmosphere and fun.  Mostly unencumbered by the rehearsal process, the Jeffs let the crowd and the feel of the day drive the songs they play.


Ever wonder about that band your Uncle John started?  2 Guys Named Jeff do too!

Need to take a load off Fanny?  They will help put that load right on me!

Remember that guy named Maurice who wanted everyone to call him the gangster of love?  So do they!


So if you’re looking for a couple of excellent musicians to lively up your event, call 2 Guys Named Jeff!


Legends of The Jeffs


In the 1970s, a sound like thunder rolled across the cedar pocked limestone hills northeast of San Antonio, Texas.  That thunder came from a garage where sat a Sunn bass cabinet with 2 12” ported speakers, running through a 100 watt Ampeg guitar head, plugged into a Ventura Les Paul copy.  And at the end of that unusual configuration:  a young Jeff Kyser. 

Jeff learned the basics of the guitar sitting at the knee of his dad, Virgil.  Virgil was an old school Western Swing guitar player who, in his early days, had a weekly radio show on KTEM in Temple, Texas.  Jeff took what Virgil taught him and applied it to the rock and roll of the 60s and 70s:  The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who.  The Outlaw Country movement was just getting started a few miles away in Austin, and even though Jeff didn’t know it was a movement, he liked what he was hearing from those long haired country boys, so he played that music too.  

After he moved to Connecticut for his day job, the stars aligned when Jeff K ran into Jeff M.  Sharing their love of music, they formed a loose collaboration based on the long respected and good-natured tradition of a musical version of ‘hold my beer’:  they each will call a tune, start playing, and then see if the other can keep up.  

This is the whole raison d’etre of 2 Guys Named Jeff. 

So far, so good. 

2 Guys Named Jeff PLay some of their favorites!

see the jeffs in action!

Events and happenings!

Previous events


2 Guys Named Jeff are excited to be part of the musical lineup at Arrigoni Winery. Why, you ask?

2 words: Wine. Slushies

That's right: Slushies! Made from Wine! It's just like being a kid again! Except for the wine. And you have a mortgage now. And you have to get up to pee five times a night. But other than that, it's just like being a kid again!

So come be a kid again with 2 Guys Named Jeff at the Arrigoni Winery! just bring your ID

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